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Coaching by Outcast empowers churches to spearhead conversations in their own community using social media. 


The Challenge:

Unlike the corporate world, the Christian community has a huge lack of skilled media resource personnel who are Christians, missional in nature and understand the organization’s vision. And with media being the primary method of communication these days, we as a church must see how we can cut through and make a difference.


The Solution:

Outcast has curated a 3 month sessions in order to equip and empower churches all across the world.

We will be training 5 individuals from each church so they can go back and begin an online-movement that will transform lives.



Outcast academy is an educational division of Outcast. Outcast was built to provide and educate churches, para church organizations and ministries with resources/services to help their organization build their media infrastructure (creative consulting, concept development,branding and marketing strategies.)

And with media being the primary method for ministry today, there is a need to educate and build a community of christian creatives who can fill this void.


Coaching by Outcast is a 3 month online training program, which trains 5 individuals from each church in designing, content creation, content development, product development and marketing. The training will happen under theologically sound leaders who are making an impact in the design and marketing industry.

At the end of the course the church will have 2 skilled graphic designers, 2 creative content writers and an efficient video editor.


What’s in it for you?


- Workshops with experts from the field of creative arts

- Software and tools training

- 2 experience certificates

- Access to resources from outcast

- 1 coach from outcast



The course will cost INR 45,000 for a duration of 3 months and 5 people from each church will be trained under this cost.

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