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About Us

Outsource is another project under Outcast. Here at Outsource we help you find a job that you would love. We match your talent with the most innovative companies and try to find you a job that will help you reach their full potential. We provide  accurate, relevant information, efficacy and an equal opportunity for all

And if you’re a recruiter we serve as your backbone in hiring the talent you need.  The growth of your organisation directly depends on the thriving talent of your employees, and you can be rest assured that we will bring to you the best talent. 


Our mission is to equip individuals and organisations by empowering connections, engaging talent and easing the process of hiring and being hired.


We believe in integrity, inclusion, equity, efficiency, empathy, collaboration and the Word of God..

“Bring people together to
advance the Kingdom”

That is what we do at Outsource.

For more details please contact Alisha at 9849602457
Or email us at

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