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Now Online

By Ricky Raymond George

Now Online Is a podcast exclusively created to educate People, Churches & Ministries the importance of being online.

Hosted by Ricky Raymond George (co-founder of Outcast) his experience in the marketing and advertising field made him passionate about teaching and sharing all that he know with people.

Not Your Normal

With Nithin Raj

A space where you can send in your questions/doubts about Christianity. We will try our best to answer them. Note - don't worry, we will not disclose your identity if you'd like to be anonymous.
So, one might wonder what kind of questions should one ask? Well, it can range from "Is God really true?" To* "why do I have to go to church?"... From "I don't like my pastor, what should I do?" To "I want to be discipled by a pastor, where to go?" Be it ANY... irrespective of your geographical location, religion, caste, or Creed...reach out to us! 

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