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This was my all time slogan. I would love to share my experience on my service in church. How it changed my perspective.

During my childhood, I would sweep the floor and lay the mats in church. I still remember my mum saying to me, “Son, wherever you are serving, you should serve with your 💯%. For example if you are sweeping the floor, make sure every corner is cleaned well". I started applying that in the church whenever I would sweep. I'd make sure every corner is cleaned. That was etched onto my brain.

I see the result of it now. Today I'm an Usher in the Church. One day I was standing at the door, welcoming people. Later on, after few days I went to Explore - which is Bible study. One day after a Bible study, one person walked up to me. His name was Michael. He told me, "On Sunday I was walking into the church and my heart was burdened and heavy. But when I saw your smiling face I just forgot everything and attended the service with joy."

I remember what Christine Caine says "As always, God will work in us so he can work through us."

I remember this verse Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, as working for the LORD"

Smile all the WAY to make somebody's DAY.

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